An event app focused on connecting users to local classes

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The project overview

Jamboree is an iOS app that connects people to local classes and lectures.

It developed from the problem statement of: How can we help connect hosts and attendees with classes and lectures in the Metro Vancouver area?

My focus was to provide users with access to classes in arts, music, theatre, sports, and more—as initial interviews offered the insight that people desire more classes and learning options in events-based apps.

"I usually hear about things through word of mouth or advertising. I mostly go to concerts—but I wish it was easier to find classes or learn new things."

Anonymous survey participant


Initial research

I conducted user interviews and a survey. Outcomes showed that people had a desire to attend more class-based events. The majority of respondents said events are found by word of mouth, Facebook, different music apps, and sometimes Eventbrite.

For user interviews, questions focused on understanding what types of events users attend, what apps or ways they find out about events, reasons for going or cancelling, what kind of information they need before attending, and if they have a desire to know who (e.g. friends) is attending before an event.

The key takeaways for interviews and the survey were:

  • Why/ desire: Want to connect with people with similar interests, learn something new
  • Possibilities: Want to attend classes/ lectures—interested in learning or educational events
  • Attendees: Prefer to go with friends, but are okay attending alone (if it's not music-related)—but also like to know who else is attending beforehand
  • Barriers: If they’re not that interested in the event, or something else comes up—they will cancel
  • Notice: Usually only need a week notice


of respondents said they primarily find out about events from friends


the most popular app amongst interviewees that people use to find events


said that they would be interested in attending more class-based events, as they don't need a friend to join


said if something is free, there is a higher chance of them not attending at the last minute


1. Create a lesson-based app.

2. Focus on advanced filters and browsing options so users can find a wide range of classes they may be interested in.

Getting started

I sketched out the information architecture and some initial task flows based on my personas in order to better understand how the app should function. I then began sketches of low fidelity wireframes based on the task flows.

User Flow One

Scenario: Amy has some extra time on evenings after work. She is looking for a class to take not related to her day job—most likely something related to arts and crafts. She’s not entirely sure what specific classes are available, so she decides to download the app and browse for something that fits into her schedule.

She doesn’t care too much about the cost, as long as it’s a class that she thinks she will enjoy it.

User Flow Two

Scenario: Joey is looking to attend upcoming art or design-related events in the Vancouver area. As he has a lot of friends in the design community and is interested in networking, he wants to be able to view who is attending an event before signing up and share the event with friends.


After determining a rough information architecture and considering the audiences, I then began creating mid-fidelity wireframes and adding them as a click through prototype with Invision.

Visual design and branding

My intent was to visually establish the UI elements fairly different than competitor apps and platform. It was also important to maintain a friendly and approachable feel, as many of the classes and lectures would be smaller and unbranded (in comparison to large marketed concerts and events).

Final interface design

For the last stage of this project, I applied the branding to the initial wireframes to create branded, high-fidelity mockups.

Learnings and next steps

  • Due to time, I primarily focused on the attendee user, but ideally I want to build out the hosting experience and conduct some interviews around hosts
  • Explore ways to make events more meaningful for people so they attend
  • Continue developing wireframes, UI, etc. further


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