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A platform to connect people with local food suppliers in Nottingham, UK.

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The project overview

In 2020, with the onset of Covid-19 affecting many small businesses there was an opportunity to connect locals with businesses that were still open and adjusting to new changes. I partnered with a fellow Mozilla employee, Jonathan Kingston (Developer), to assist with the UX/UI and implementation of an MVP site to create a platform—Deli Direct—to connect locals with smaller food suppliers affected by the pandemic.

The problem space

Globally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) have suffered revenue loss due to the implications of the pandemic lock downs. Over 80% of SME's in the UK have suffered revenue loss due to the pandemic.


percentage of UK SME's who have had revenue impacted from the pandemic


the amount of UK businesses who believe they will be out of business in 12 months due to the pandemic (August 2021)


the percentage of labour force in the UK from small and medium-sized enterprises


the amount of small and medium-sized businesses viewing the UK economy as weak or very weak


For the MVP, our initial goals consisted of:

1. Establishing a platform to connect locals with local small and medium businesses and the services they provide.

2. With connections to Nottingham and a large culture of supporting small business, we wanted to pilot the MVP in Nottingham, UK.

3. Have a flexible design and development process in order to increase scope and features after initial development.

Getting started

For the initial minimum viable product prototype and development, we focused on establishing the main components of the platform which included:

  • A descriptive landing page that introduced what the platform was
  • The businesses, a description, social media and contact information, and their offerings of takeaway, collection
  • A form for businesses to be added to the site

Landing page

Landing page and CTA that introduces the site and what we do.

Map view

The map view offers an overview of areas in relation to location.

Business information

The information cards provide a description and contact information.


From the initial wireframes, I created higher fidelity and branded wireframes for the development of the prototype. Currently, the functionality of the MVP includes our original goals and provides an overview of the open small businesses in Nottingham, UK.

Future features

After completing development of the MVP, we want to improve the functionality of the site by adding filters and categories, location-based search, and expand to another nearby locale.


In order for users to easily find specific food suppliers, we plan to add a filter functionality by category, vegetarian, and distance.

Location-based search

As Nottingham is a large region and we are wanting to expand to other locations—the ability to search by postal code and location will be important.

Learnings and next steps

  • We plan to continue adding new features to the site (categories, business search, additional regions, and location search)
  • Once we get a larger user base, we want to conduct user testing and gather feedback from local businesses and users
  • Develop a marketing strategy to spread the word about the platform


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