A visual designer and digital maker working in UX/UI design.

Currently at the Mozilla Foundation.

UX/UI, Branding, Web

Privacy Not Included

A buyer's guide from the Mozilla Foundation evaluating the privacy and security of popular IoT products.

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UI, Branding, Web


A redesign of the Canadian open-source company's website, platform, and brand guidelines.

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UX/UI, Branding, Web

Mozilla Foundation Site

An editable site for employees to house and promote the work of the Mozilla Foundation.

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UX/UI, Web, Startup, Personal

Deli Direct

A platform to connect people with local food suppliers in Nottingham, UK.

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UX/UI, Web

Mozilla Pulse

An online platform to showcase projects, find help, and connect Mozilla stakeholders with each other

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UX/UI, App, iOS, Personal

Jamboree App

An personal event app focused on connecting users to local classes

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